Olympic Sport Sparring

Our Sports Sparring Classes


Interested in just sparring? then I would say this is the class for you. It was setup for children and adults who love the challenge of attacking and defending as you go in search of scoring points on padded targets.

Waterside Taekwondo club has been attending competitions locally, nationally and Internationally for many years as we have so many talented students who attend these sparing events.

This is Sport Taekwondo

Will It be suitable for me?


We have setup a new sparring class to allow anyone to attend and learn the basics of sports sparring Taekwondo .You will learn leg conditioning, target practice and high energy drills to get you in the mood for the sparring against others. We never allow head shots in the beginners class and we certainly don’t allow anyone to go full power when sparring. The beginners class is about attacking and defending plus working on speed and agility as your flexibility will start to feel easier after a few months.


Okay I’m ready to move up another level?


That’s great news as we have the intermediate and senior class lined up for you. These classes will set you up nicely to do more excessive contact plus learn the head shots required to take part in sparring competitions. Many students are terrified when they are told we have head shots during our sparring classes and they are amazed how well they cope. We have a rule where you must have a gum shield and wear a head guard for your protection.


What equipment will I need?


Nothing at all as we provide everything. The padded body armors come in several different sizes and the leg and arm protections are often provided for all new starters. Once you have been doing sports sparring for a while you will want to buy you own so you can feel more comfortable. Master Graves will get all equipment for you at the cheapest price you will ever find plus it will all be WTF recognized so you can wear them at all competitions.


Do you have family discounts?


We do love family training with us, that why we make it affordable with the 3rd member of the family training for Free. we have different packages, one a week, and unlimited training. so the choice is yours



Your first class is a free introduction to see if this is what you are looking for. On your first appearance you will be asked to fill out a membership form attached to the starters letter.

The Instructor Sean Neill has 10 years of martial arts skills and teaches over 100 students on a weekly basis. Please call him on 07891 470713 or alternatively, you can fill out our online contact details form and Sean will be in touch within 24 hours.