Ladies Taekwondo

About our Ladies Taekwondo class


Ever wanted to learn Taekwondo but you thought you would end up partnering that big strong, sweaty bloke? Well, the problem has been solved as we have a Ladies only Taekwondo class which is suitable for all ages ranging from 14 to 70.

The classes are setup for all abilities as we practice all the basics plus some advanced self defence techniques. Our classes include plenty of pad work, bag work plus loads of cardio exercises to get you yourself feeling afterwards.


Our class promises:


Weight loss
Sense of achievement


Instructor Sean Neill who is the Senoir Instructor used to be an ex door Supervisor and he shares his knowledge to those that attend this class. Sean is also one of 40 Five Thunder Dim Mak instuctors in the world which is advanced Self deffence and helps the Ladies to be more prepared when it comes to self defence. So often they would use their skills against Sean himself as he would either be padded up or brave enough to allow them to strike him down.


Our classes have a great relaxed feeling about them as everyone welcomes you as your join the group. We often train to music as we often do the Get fit, programme plus Taekwondo style pad work and bag work. Our program is setup to give you that all over body conditioning from top to bottom,


The Ladies class gives you the confidence to progress towards a Black belt as we plan grading's every three months, many of the Ladies often take a grading as they love the challenges that lie ahead.




We often have new starters that come into the group who are worried about the level of fitness required to start. Sean encourages you to train to your own ability and would often motivate you to keep going at your own pace. Our aim is to build up your confidence so you can push yourself to train harder and reach a new level of fitness.


Will I lose weight and tone up?


Absolutely!!! The Waterside Ladies classes are a great way lose weight as you will surprise yourself how well you cope with the step up in exercises. Some of the routines will help you become more flexible and supple as we focus on every part of the body to get you in shape; thighs, bums, tums, chest etc.

We also ask you to eat sensibly if they want to build up stamina and strength as it’s important to combined exercise and diets together for better results.


How do I start?


Your first class is a free introduction to see if this is the sort of thing you are looking for. On your first appearance you will be asked to fill out a membership form attached to the starters letter. 


The Instructor Sean Neill has 10 years of martial arts skills and teaches over 100 students on a weekly basis. Please call him on 07891 470713 or alternatively, you can fill out our online contact details form and Sean will be in touch within 24 hours.